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This site is my home on the web – where you’ll find my personal blog. It’s also a jumping off point for those interested in following me online. In addition to this site, I have a few others that you might enjoy checking out.

My personal blog runs a gamut of mostly geeky topics from genre TV to social networking with the occasional random thoughts. For a number of years, my personal online journal included my travels and art and photography, but for a number of reasons I decided to separate those topics into their own sites. While there are a number of new and old friends who enjoy the many facets of me, I felt the wider audience out there was less interested in some ancillary topics. If you’re a kindred soul who enjoys all these topics, be sure to say hello!

My Experience With Progressive Lenses And Zenni Optical

I mentioned late last year that I was getting progressive lenses. It’s taken awhile for me to finally report back on that experience… Wow, well, first off the bat, I believe there was an issue with the first pair I got. It took several days of trying to adapt, but I finally came to the conclusion that one eye felt fuzzy to me. The office where I got them wasn’t able to find an issue with either lens and adjusting the frames made no difference. To their credit, they gladly … Continue reading

Wasting One’s Breath on Facebook Likes

Ah, Facebook, my old friend… I’ve had little to say on the subject of late and there’s not much to add. I’m only on the site in brief fits these days. The last time was made even worse by a cacophony of auto-play videos. Auto-play anything is a sure way to make me hit the back button on any site. Simply scrolling through my news feed should not kick-start videos… But I digress… One of the reason I was writing this post was to explain to a multitude of friends … Continue reading

Net Neutrality Needed


This topic came up today in an entirely unrelated forum, but it stirred up the hornet’s nest for me. I don’t tend to post on these sort of topics, but to me this is one that should cross all lines. Of course, this all boils down to the news of the day, about a federal appeals court decision upturning the FCC’s rules on net neutrality. Which to me if nothing else is incredibly anti-consumer. Even if I believe that the big Internet Service Providers are buckling under the strain of … Continue reading

Trying New Things – Standing

I decided to try something new today. I’ve long thought about how much time I spend sitting. Between photo editing and general online tasks, I’m attached to my laptop a lot. And while a laptop is a go-anywhere kind of device, you tend to sit with it a lot, eh? I’ve had a vague interest in standing desks every since I first read about them. In fact, when I read about them during my old job, it occurred to me that I unconsciously stood quite often in my cube. Some … Continue reading

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