This site is my home on the web – where you’ll find my personal blog. It’s also a jumping off point for those interested in following me online.

My personal blog runs a gamut of mostly geeky topics from genre TV to social networking with the occasional random thoughts. For a number of years, my personal online journal included my travels and art and photography, but for a number of reasons I decided to separate those topics into their own sites. While there are a number of new and old friends who enjoy the many facets of me, I felt the wider audience out there was less interested in some ancillary topics. If you’re a kindred soul who enjoys all these topics, be sure to say hello!

Latest posts

The Mystery of Big Train – AKA Those Melvins

While not one of the great mysteries of life, I’ve had a 90’s Album that off and on over the years, I’ve wondered about the band that recorded it. You see, despite having their album Land of Steady Habits, I had never heard of … Read More

Chuck Wilson – Sad News & Loss

It feels like I’ve hit that place in life where I only come to my blog with sad news and I guess tonight is no different although surreal. I had logged on to Find A Grave to update a couple of family connections. Although … Read More

Harvey’s Closing – A Chapter Ends

I had read grumblings about Southeastern Grocer’s financial problems in the news recently, but was still a little stunned this week to read of the pending Harvey’s closing in our small town of Montezuma, Georgia. They are closing a pile of stores by the … Read More

Dad Would Have Been Amused By This

A funny “ha-ha” story. When Dad bought his little used Ford truck – his last one. The handle that was meant to raise and lower the spare tire from the back was nowhere to be found. The manual said the handle was behind the … Read More

Best Pillow for Side Sleepers?

When you see the photo that goes with this, you may think I’m crazy, but bear with me as I think I found the best pillow for side sleepers – at least it is for me! I have always liked to sleep on my … Read More

Verizon – No Service Experience

It’s amazing after you’ve lost a loved how much worse some businesses can make the experience. Verizon is one example we’ve encountered in the months since my Dad’s death last December. It’s already a grinding experience having to call x company and y company … Read More

Cursed – What Is That Clicking Sound?

You ever have that feeling you’re cursed? I think I’ve had it off and on over the years. I’m sure many of us do. After the past year, it’s been an especially acute feeling. Nothing is small right now. Everything is major! I was … Read More

Artist’s Mouse or Gaming Mouse?

Is it a gaming mouse or an artist’s mouse? I guess that’s in the eye of the beholder!  The logic that led to my selection was that I needed something with precision. And if there’s any group of computer users that care about precision, … Read More