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The blues just won’t go away…

On my way home from work today, I had pretty much determined that even if I waited until Spring, I was full-steam-ahead on the leaving Atlanta idea. There hasn’t been a day in some time I haven’t thought about it. And although I’ve done nothing active to make it happen, I did update and post my resume on a couple of sites, specifying I was looking for jobs in the Central Georgia/West Central Georgia area, i.e. back home. That’s only a babystep, though, and nothing particularly more than I did anytime I got frustrated at work in the last four years, which isn’t the case now. I’m not serious until that day I answer a call or apply somewhere for an actual job.

Tonight after I got home, though, I really started wondering, how much of this is caused by the sunlight, or lack there-of. Even tho I’ve oft been a night-owl, I don’t think a night-owl in high school/college begins to compare to the real world when one spends all day in a cube at work and then goes home to a scant couple of hours of sunlight before night falls. I always liked fall as a child, and I still do. I love the brisk air, the cool temps, and the lack of puddles of perspiration everywhere one sits. But I miss the sun…

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