Have been experimenting with photoshop the past few days. Some stuff was just fun. Other stuff I felt like I turned out some pretty good work. And the best thing even if no one else agrees, I had fun doing it. If some of it actually defies logic and sells, then all the better. Do hope some will check it out and let me know their thoughts, though.

Meanwhile, I received Falcon Five-O‘s current CD today. I’ll try to do a real review later, but suffice it to say that it’s among the best I’ve had. I ripped it to my Archos earlier today, and took it wakling with me. I walked 8.5 miles, and I listened to that CD the whole way. Also listened to it last night, and gave the CD one more go through for the day an hour ago. As I was telling a friend earlier, it’s a rare CD with which I can do repeated listening.

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