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Had third installment of photo class today. Our assignment was to bring in photographs illustrating depth of field and motion (not together!). My motion pictures weren’t, to me, the best, but considering the heat and all last Satuday, walking up to the dam onVickery Creek was more than enough.

The instructor didn’t have anything bad to say about them at least.

But my photos for DOF he gave a rave for! The firt was a series of raisin boxes arranged to trail away from the foreground. I focused on a box a few from the front. Depending on DOF, various boxes in the foreground were more or less detailed. He actually got up and started showing how this perfectly illustrated the assignment. Then sat down and looked to see what else I’d turned in. The second was the one he said he was going to steal for future classes. I took a picture of the ruler on the side of my carpenter’s level. With a low DOF, you could barely read more than an inch of the ruler, but as you went up, more and more of the ruler was in view. He actually joked, “that’s it, you’re done here, go home now!”

Yaayyyy mee!!!!

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