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Up late last night – wheeee!

As if it wasn’t enough I went to the Big Creek walking trail and put in nearly five miles, I came home and contined on operation purge. I just feel the need to winnow through my belongings. This is something that stretches back to childhood. With posessions, I must be something akin to bulemic, as I binge and purge. Right now, it’s the purge phase as I’m going through closets.

Last night, I pretty much wrapped up sorting through my comics. I have a small pile (about a short box worth in terms comic collectors would understand). As soon as I sort them out, I’ll see if I can unload them on e-bay. If not, away to charity. I’m also developing a charity pile on the guest room bed as this continues.

Slow going for photography class this week. Our assignment was for composition and I’ve had a hard time coming up with subjects. Light was bad Sunday when I went out. It wasn’t much better last evening. I took some half-hearted shots, but nothing that grabbed me and it shows when I look at the pictures. Hopefully I’ll get off in time to take a few pics of some flowers around the house and then it’ll be inside and setting up some objects around the house. I’d try for the cats but mine never sit that still.

Time to put the last of the crap on my face I have to do every morning and then out the door for work.

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