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Well, it got interrupted by Workfest… I pulled 65 hours this week… I was about ready to cry for awhile. I’m just not that dedicated to my work, but it had to be done to complete a project on time for a customer audit today. The audit, at least, I’m pleased to say went well. I should have collapsed into bed hours ago.

Instead, I sat around long enough that I began to sort through stuff again. My upstairs is packed with a bewildering amount of rubbermaid boxes. I’ve been dodging between them for a week waiting for the time to work again. I tossed a full dumpster this week. And the last time I went home I carried a big pile to charity.

And this is the one that may surprise some people, I even have a small pile of Transformers that I’m going to put up on e-bay in a couple of lots this weekend. I went through them with the idea that they had to MEAN something to me to keep them. I went through more than a couple of periods where a completist streak would hit me and I got figures that ultimately meant very little to me. Those will go up for dirt cheap and if they don’t sell, off to charity.

And I have another charity pile. I must go by goodwill tomorrow…

There are so many reasons for this purging.

  • I’ve actually done this periodically in my life – I remember being 7 or 8 and systematically tossing things I had lost interest in. It’s kind of the bulemic version of packratting. I binge and purge.
  • I’ve likely lived maybe a bit over a third of my life now (if I’m lucky) and if I continue at this rate – well, I’ll need a much larger house just for me by myself. Nevermind any hope of ever having room in my life for anyone else.
  • I’ve had the notion for the last year that my future life may be a bit more nomadic. Nomads can’t have this much luggage.
  • And I’m still considering the possibility of a room-mate situation down the road. Right now, it would have to be a room-mate a step above a transient since they could have no belongings of their own.

Many miles to go before I complete this purge. If it’s like last weekend, I’ll eventually hit a stopping point simply by having filled my garbage can..

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