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I must still be getting over last week’s 65 hours at work. It’s all I immediately have to explain tonight.

I got home about 6pm. By 7pm, I was just dragging. Close to 8pm, I decided I’d just lay down in the bed and rest and watch TV awhile. Shortly I decided, ‘Just a wee nap’ – I just woke up – almost midnight…

I RARELY take naps. That’s been a lifelong thing. When I was little, my Mom said she knew I was going to wake up with a fever and grouchy if I took a nap as I was actually sick.

Don’t think I’m sick. No fever…

But I could seriously go back to bed now without much effort (and shortly will).

I don’t think I’d have woken up if not for the nightmare I had about someone breaking into my blazer… I dreamed I was traveling somewhere and came out to find my clothes and personal effects strewn everywhere and my windows smashed out… I woke with a start and my bedroom slowly came into as much focus as is possible with the combination of TV lighting and not wearing my glasses. That’s when the dream faded away and I went downstairs and turned off lights, etc.

Okay, bedtime, wish me well…

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