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This year was very low-key but a welcome change to last year where someone attempted to break into my Blazer and Brian & Kelly were attacked INSIDE of the Hyatt. I was so down on the whole thing that I almost made other plans this year. But Brandy planted the seed of doubt that she might not come next year so I reluctantly came along.

ThatI’ve been royally busy at work the past few weeks made the time-off all the nicer. Work, as ever, remains a confusing beast. In my heart of hearts, I know it’s not my life-long vocation, but I have to remind myself almost daily that I want to pay off my student loan from grad school before I do anything rash. Still last week I’d almost gotten back to the “it must end soon” mindset when Thursday rolled around. Knew I’d be at work late so had planned dinner with April for a little time out of the office. Byron asked and he and Dana came along and he paid the check. Hence all the confusion. On one hand, I have a boss who I truly like and can work with On the other, I hav a job that mentally drains me and aside from paying the bills well, doesn’t do much for my soul.

Ah, but DragonCon, four days of catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. Where else would I get so many coments on something so simple as a Justice League t-shirt. And the people-watching aspect was, as always, great fun.

And yet I bought less than ever. For myself, only a couple of comics, some patches for my backpack to show the geek love, and (only because Brandy was standing in line for a gift for her Dad) a signe photo from Marina Sirtis. The desire to continue to de-clutter my life won out, I guess. I was surprised that I didn’t even grab anything from the art show, but the stuff I liked the most was priced well outside the range I’m comfortable with so soon after a big purchase like my Canon 20D. If anything, this expenive gift to me has made me all the more aware that I COULD be paying off my student loan faster than I am ifI want it that bad…

Back to the Con. The only “bleh” moment was the third night. After a LONG evening going to see the Masquerade and taking photos of all those great costumes, I walked back to the parking deck next door. I figured out that it was actually cheaper than the usual lot next door (which was this year charging “EVENT PRICING” of $10 each day and it was closer than the scary lot a block and a half further down that was the same rate… So, when I was coming in there was a place where you could either push a button for a ticket OR insert a credit card on your way in and use that card as your ticket. So, I went that route. When I got back there’s a couple of machines in the lobby with a sign instructing you to pay before you return to your car as there is no attendant at the gate. The sign says “insert ticket or credit card” so I insert the card and get the message “Invalid type…” huh… Well great… So, I go to the operator’s door and knock and knock… the cell phone sitting on the counter on the other side of the glass is the only evidence someone is there. Afterwards, the crowd gathers. Several people behind me put in cash to pay a ticket and got no change from it… great… It’s over half an hour before the attendant finally shows. We’ve all been taking turns hitting the button for assistance… Now, the man insists to me that with a card, I simply pay at the gate. According to him, the signs to pay there are wrong… nice… ButI point out that the guy right in front of me did the same thing I did and got a ticket to leave… silence… Finally, I just say, don’t care as long as he’ll be there if the gate wont let me out and he says yes.. I left with no problem… nice home neary an hour later than needed to be…

On principle, today I took MARTA which also has it’s issues, such as slow as Christmas. Nearly half an hour wait in both directions just to board the right train. Mass transportation in Atlanta will NEVER appeal to anyone who has a choice as long as it’s this slow. Last November, I had a connecting flight out of Houston, TX, to Atlanta. The flight was a touch past an hour long. That same night, it took me longer on MARTA to get from the airport to North Springs, opposite ends of the same line… This is why MARTA is in such sorry shape…

Ah, back to the lovely job tomorrow. Now off to read while the stuff in the dryer finishes… wheeeee….

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