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So, I came home last Sunday and made a quick pit stop in my rarely used downstairs bathroom. It’s pretty strictly for guests as I can’t fathom the reason for me to dirty up more than one bathroom solo.

So, I run in, use it and flush, and I feel a splash of water on my leg… huh? I start looking and see nothing… Then I flush again while at eye level and see it, a bit of water seeping between the tank and the bowl. The gasket is doubtless 20 years old… No problem for me. I can replace it.

But if I’m going to tear the toilet half apart… shouldn’t I take it all down and FINALLY put in that tile floor I’ve wanted in that half bath for a couple of years now? I’ve never really liked that the wall to wall from the living room flows in there. So, I decide that I’ll do the whole thing this weekend… right…

I had dinner Friday after work and then ran to Home Depot and found the tile I wanted, 2 by 2 inch square tiles, almond colored. Okay, I hadn’t precisely planned that, but I knew I wanted small tiles and I liked the almond better than stark white.

I got half the tiles set Friday night but just ran out of steam to keep cutting tiles. So, I went to bed at 2am…

Saturday, slept late and the had to go to work for a bit. Picked up comics on the way back and also got two more sheets of tiles – I needed one more and I figured some extra would be good if I or a future owner was to break some tiles. Saturday night I partially grouted it. Sunday morning I finished that task. Then had to go back to the office a bit more this weekend. Came home and installed the new quarter round around the perimeter of the room.

The grout needs to set a bit more before I replace the toilet (which is looking oh so swank in the dining room). I also need to clean the tiles and seal the grout. Oh, and I want to repaint the trim… And I start looking at the ceiling… I repainted the wall in this small bath when I moved in 5 years ago. It was a dark burgundy color (like the rest of the downstairs) that made it feel quite cave like. I had left over yellow paint from the kitchen, and that was the amount of thought that went into what color it was painted. Anything was better than the dark color it was. But as I started painting the ceiling tonight, which I had skipped those many year ago and it showed at this point, I decided the yellow was also a bit strong in such a small space. So, at 11pm tonight, I wrapped up with what I had left of the white paint from the upstairs guest bath… I’ll have to run pick some up tomorrow. It was just as well that I ran out as it was getting late!

Oh, I also replaced the sink faucet and stopper in there. So, you see what I mean by one thing leading to another with my projects around the house.

When I’m done, the bathroom will have a completely new coat of paint, brand new tile floor and all new hardware on the vanity..

When that completion date is anybody’s guess, but if the week doesn’t afford me that time, next weekend must.

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