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Alas, the end of the sunrise hot air balloon photos shuffles to an end. The flight was a bit over an hour. I took a 100 pictures in the first maybe 20 minutes and then I sort of relaxed and just soaked it in. The most dramatic light was past and it was really down to seeing the Nile Valley and the Valley of the Kings from high above. We passed over a farming area as we floated back down, and all below us locals waved at the hot air balloons – which are for them pretty much a daily occurrence. These sunrise balloon deals are a popular touristy thing in Luxor.

While there are a few more photos added to the Egypt gallery that are from the air, this is the last balloon shot to share with you, the golden moment when the light was really with me and a balloon managed to get in the right position for me…

Hot Air Balloon picture over the Valley of the Kings in Egypt
Over the Valley of the Kings
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