Back in the Yucatan!

Mark Tisdale

Geek with a camera! I love music, travel, and most of all I love photography and art. At heart, I’m still a geeky comic book reading, sci-fi-watching nerd.

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  1. Those hammock salesmen can be slick! I love the guys that pretend to be interested in you, asking all sorts of questions in English, only to end the conversation 15 minutes later by recommending their favorite hammock shop. Oh, and they'll be happy to take you there themselves! 🙂

    • Mark says:

      I have to give them their due, both trips to Mérida I encountered the guys who would chat with you for ages before they finally got to the shop they knew around the corner… Some amazing staying power, imagine how many times they must do that in a day!

      It was far preferable to what I encountered in Playa del Carmen where they were pretty much just yelling.. I rarely ever put in headphones to tune out the world in travel mode but it was that or my debatable sanity. 😉

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