Rockfest 1999

Mark Tisdale

Geek with a camera! I love music, travel, and most of all I love photography and art. At heart, I’m still a geeky comic book reading, sci-fi-watching nerd.

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  1. barry says:

    i was at rockfest with some friends and just posted a few pics on FB my timeline should be there for you to see them. cool reading your blog tho Im a little late.

  2. kalena says:

    I was one of the mud people too. I went with two friends of mine, all three of us girls. We wouldn’t move either, but we did get pushed back during Live. We were so wet and muddy I remember taking off most of our clothes in the parking lot before riding back to Alpharetta. It was a wonderful day. Everlast did suck though. Sugar Ray was on stage at 4:20 also. And I am so greatful for the water hoses.

  3. Kim says:

    Thanks for reminding me of such a great concert!! It was awesome!! By far my favorite line up to date!!

  4. Mark Tisdale says:

    Funny, ten years later I didn’t expect even a handful of comments on this post. Glad everyone has enjoyed the trip down memory lane. Definitely one of my fond memories, too!

  5. barry says:

    how can i send you the few pics i have now?

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