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Geek with a camera! I love music, travel, and most of all I love photography and art. At heart, I’m still a geeky comic book reading, sci-fi-watching nerd.

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  1. Billy says:

    I just saw where you’d posted this on FB after George Takei (amongst others) shared this picture with the now ubiquitous “Window Cleaners At A Children’s Hospital” in ‘motivational-style’ lettering.

    I received a certain amount of abuse from others for pointing out that this picture wasn’t actually window cleaners at a children’s hospital. They failed to realise that I think the idea of doing this at a hospital is wonderful. I was merely pointing out what you have here – putting your own words to a picture creates more mass-hysteria than posting a real news story. What I particularly love about some of those who left comments is when they state with absolute certainty WHICH hospital this picture was taken at (and there have been at least half a dozen such claims as I post here, each one referencing a different hospital where this picture was ‘definitely’ taken!)

    It seems the old adage needs to be updated. Apparently you CAN fool all the people all the time. All you need is a Twitter and/or Facebook account.

    • Mark Tisdale says:

      Billy – I’m always amazed at how angry people can get when you lift the curtain on a hoax. I didn’t experience it on the Takei post, but I also didn’t look back to see if anyone else commented. Given how fast the comments move there, only a few people would have probably seen it anyway.

      And yes, I agree, it does seem like we need to change that old adage. It hardly seems appropriate in today’s age.

    • Mark Tisdale says:

      Interesting! Though the point still remains that the photo in question is from Shanghai, and the hospital in Memphis appears to have been after I posted this altogether. Or at least the story aired on ABC months after.

      My issue remains that people in general believe whatever story is attached to a picture without question. We all need to employ more critical thought. The online world is a torrent of information and there’s no gate keeper checking facts. This is great and awful at once.

  2. Mark Tisdale says:

    Yup, I posted this in July 2012. The window washers in Memphis were in October of that year. Although the guy is quoted as saying he came up with the idea, I wonder if this was really inspired by the photo that was circulating months before on Facebook, etc.? Hmmm…. It had clearly been reported in Southwark years before.

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