My Father, Me, and Chuck - 1976
Chuck Wilson – Sad News & Loss

It feels like I’ve hit that place in life where I only come to my blog with sad news and I guess tonight is no different although surreal. I had logged on to Find A Grave to update a couple of family connections. Although … Read More

Cookie Policy

This site uses cookies – small text files that are placed on your machine to help the site provide a better user experience. In general, cookies are used to retain user preferences, store information for things like shopping carts, and provide anonymised tracking data … Read More

Harvey's Store Sign - Closing Soon
Harvey’s Closing – A Chapter Ends

I had read grumblings about Southeastern Grocer’s financial problems in the news recently, but was still a little stunned this week to read of the pending Harvey’s closing in our small town of Montezuma, Georgia. They are closing a pile of stores by the … Read More

Dad Would Have Been Amused By This

A funny “ha-ha” story. When Dad bought his little used Ford truck – his last one. The handle that was meant to raise and lower the spare tire from the back was nowhere to be found. The manual said the handle was behind the … Read More

Best Pillow For Side Sleepers - A Maternity Pillow?
Best Pillow for Side Sleepers?

When you see the photo that goes with this, you may think I’m crazy, but bear with me as I think I found the best pillow for side sleepers – at least it is for me! I have always liked to sleep on my … Read More

Verizon Deserves A Bad Service Award
Verizon – No Service Experience

It’s amazing after you’ve lost a loved how much worse some businesses can make the experience. Verizon is one example we’ve encountered in the months since my Dad’s death last December. It’s already a grinding experience having to call x company and y company … Read More

Cursed - the click click click of my silly phone
Cursed – What Is That Clicking Sound?

You ever have that feeling you’re cursed? I think I’ve had it off and on over the years. I’m sure many of us do. After the past year, it’s been an especially acute feeling. Nothing is small right now. Everything is major! I was … Read More

SEO Expert Promise - Your Site On Page 1
SEO Experts With Gmail Addresses – A Pet Peeve

To be honest, I am chock full of pet peeves but one of them that gets dinged regularly is SEO experts contacting me with their gmail addresses. Never mind how unprofessional it feels to some. I can get past that. There are plenty of … Read More

Redragon Gaming Mouse - a great artist's mouse
Artist’s Mouse or Gaming Mouse?

Is it a gaming mouse or an artist’s mouse? I guess that’s in the eye of the beholder!  The logic that led to my selection was that I needed something with precision. And if there’s any group of computer users that care about precision, … Read More

CoPromote Boost Stats Compared - A Review
CoPromote Review – Thoughts On The Numbers

It’s been over a year since I saw a sponsored post for Copromote and decided to give the service a try. It’s one of those apps that in theory is a beautiful idea. CoPromote is a network of creators dedicated to helping each other … Read More

My Android TV Box Experiment
How To Choose The Right Android TV Box

How to choose the right Android TV box was a subject I spent about a week researching last Fall. At the outset, I was looking for something that wouldn’t take up a lot of space but in theory would have an OS that my … Read More

2016 Left A Hole In My Life

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted anything. It wasn’t for lack of moments of inspiration. I thought of plenty things to write about both involving the events of my life in 2016 as well as tidbits I wanted to share. And it … Read More

Good Web Hosting from Hawkhost For My Sites
Good Web Hosting For A Small Business – Hawkhost

For awhile now I’ve intended to write a post about my experience looking for a good web hosting service. I signed up with Hawkhost back in late November of 2015. And if life had cooperated, I’m sure I would have said more about that sooner. If … Read More

Life After A Stroke

It’s been 8 weeks since Dad had his stroke. I think I could write a book if I talked about everything that’s happened since but it wouldn’t be a very entertaining read. So I’ll hit the highlights. Dad was at Grady a little over … Read More

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