Net Neutrality Needed

This topic came up today in an entirely unrelated forum, but it stirred up the hornet’s nest for me. I don’t tend to post on these sort of topics, but to me this is one that should cross all lines. Of course, this all … Read More

Trying New Things – Standing

I decided to try something new today. I’ve long thought about how much time I spend sitting. Between photo editing and general online tasks, I’m attached to my laptop a lot. And while a laptop is a go-anywhere kind of device, you tend to … Read More

Feeling Human – Holiday Ills

I’ve gotten where I rarely report on illness, especially on social media. I just hate to be one of those woe is me people. So, if I’m ever quiet, it may be that I’m busy or it may be that I simply have nothing … Read More

Eye Feel Anxiety

There’s something about going to see an eye doctor that always feels me with dread. It’s not that I’ve ever had a bad experience with one, mind you. Still, I manage to build it up pretty much every time. There’s something about having someone … Read More

The Game Of Picking Winners And Losers

Facebook recently announced more changes to the already-involved algorithms that decide what users see in their news feed when they log in. When I read the news, I admit, I already foresaw a little of the impact that would come, i.e. ever-more-decreased reach for … Read More

Scorpio Leisure From The Stagger Rats

Sometimes the musical connections I make are pretty unusual. I have my share of bands I discovered by overhearing them on my travels, but I think The Stagger Rats may be the first I found based on travel daydreams! I have long wanted to … Read More

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