The Doctor’s Name

Ugh, I spent the past few days battling what was either food poisoning or a side-effect of Zyrtec. I’m not sure which it was but I wish it on no one. Oh well, not a friend anyway. Ha! Anyway, in the midst of that, … Read More

Farewell Ponds – You’ll be Missed

I can’t believe how fast these half series of Doctor Who are over. I’d truly rather get it all in one dose, but no one at the BBC asked me. And I’ve been too wrapped up getting my Ireland art uploaded on my account … Read More

Farewell Smallville

The end of an era, the end of Smallville. It’s funny actually, the entire first season of Smallville had passed before I watched the first episode. The second season was underway already! Partly work was to blame, but mostly I had written the show … Read More

Three Episodes into Series 6 of Doctor Who

I suppose now is as good a time as ever to revive my poor old personal blog. Those who are all about the pictures and the oh-so-glamorous travel should pop over to those respective blogs, but I hope some friends (old and dear and … Read More