One Month With The iPhone

After the post about considering a mac, I feel like I’m confessing to  a religious conversion here! Yes, I was one of the sheep who stood in line on the day the new iPhone 3G came out.  In my (admittedly slim) defense here, I … Read More

Doing It The Hard Way

This past Saturday was the first time in ages that I’ve gotten out with my camera.  It really has been that long.  I came back from Egypt and less than a month later made a quick weekend dash to Boston as part of a … Read More

New Posts Coming

Okay, I’ve had news of one type or another (nothing overwhelmingly earth shattering or anything), but have just been a complete slacker lately.  I could write one overwhelmingly long post and bore everyone to death, or attempt to break it into smaller more digestible … Read More

Grandma Called To Say Hi

Okay, anyone who knows me fairly well will be sufficiently puzzled by that one. You see, to cast that same mystery for you all, both of my grandmothers have passed on, the last one over 5 years ago now.  It doesn’t seem like that … Read More

Coming Together

The past few weeks have been busy as usual. Work has been demanding of late, and I’ve been trying to get ready for a photo show that was on Friday. It was one of those things I kept meaning to put out there for … Read More

Living With The Darkness

I think I may well have been one of the few who took note of Earth Hour in one of Georgia’s newest “cities” – Johns Creek. On one of my typically many tangents, I find it hard to accept this as anything more than … Read More

Travel In The Land Memories Built

Despite the tons of pictures I still have to go through from the Egypt trip, the weekend found me continuing my spring cleaning.  I had a closet with two stacks of comics to file.  I won’t say how long I had put this task … Read More

Random Inspiration

It’s very interesting where we find inspiration sometimes. For a few years now, I’ve been a casual reader of Wil Wheaton’s blog.  Yes, Wil Wheaton AKA Wesley Crusher of Star Trek.  For one reason or another, I relate to some of the things he … Read More

Not So Exotic Bugs

The last few days in Egypt, I had a cough, which was particularly rough when we got back to the smog of Cairo. I thought the smog was what started things, but as I looked back, it started before we returned to Cairo. Still, … Read More

North Georgia Amble

I had grand plans today to get an early start and ride up to the mountains and catch the sunrise on what I hoped would be some good fall color. What actually happened was waking up to see the sun already having risen. Hmm… … Read More

The Past Is Always Gold

I’m not sure what today got me into this journey down memory lane. But it began with hunting down this old commercial… And the memories came rushing back.. I moved from commercial to commercial and the odd cartoon of those days such as But … Read More

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Kroger

Almost two weeks ago, I was having my pre-op for the surgery.   The hospital is down the street in Duluth, but the opposite direction I usually go to shop and all.  That morning, I stopped by the Kroger coming from that direction instead.  … Read More

DragonCon X

In honor of what would have been my 10th consecutive DragonCon. I’m not heart broken at having missed it. If I had wanted to go bad enough, I would have delayed surgery on my foot. I wasn’t excited about going this year and had … Read More

I Will Survive

Surgery yesterday was both earlier than expected and longer than expected. I had gone home to pick up my Mom the day before and the phone rang at their house and I saw it was the hospital. I answered expecting they wanted to speak … Read More

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