Carrying A Chip On My Foot??

It’s interesting, this year I just had not managed to drum up any excitement that DragonCon was on its way. This would be my 10th straight DragonCon. I’ve never missed one since moving into the Atlanta area. And every year has also been an … Read More

No Threes Please

Today was back to find out the results of the MRI. Has anyone ever gotten a concrete answer from these things or is just me? Well, I’ve got good news anyway.  I have not torn or broken anything.  Tendons all intact.  Bones mostly intact.  … Read More

Soundtrack To Life

So, I’m in another one of my now infamous purge modes. For the uninitiated, I have a tendency to be somewhat of a pack rat, but off and on through my life, as far back as I can remember, I will occasionally just go … Read More

My Lucky Day?

Okay, getting ready for the show and life in general has had me hopping for weeks, so I’ve had precious little opportunity to get out with the camera. Show behind me, I figured this morning I’d get up early and get out. Of course, … Read More

Days of Leisure?

The company I work for occasionally offers discount tickets to the odd event or amusement park. But for the first time in 8 years, they gave their employees and family members the opportunity to visit Atlanta’s High Museum for free! Shockers! The moment I … Read More

Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns Grow

I’m cautiously optimistic about my knee. In the last week, I finally experienced some improvement again. When I first started physical therapy, there was definite improvement. I went from struggling up the stairs to dull yet constant pain. It was better than before, but … Read More

This is Mark’s Insanity Part II

So, after days of thinking about it I put down my $99 and registered for a SMART. I loved them in Europe and they are coming to America in ’08! So much for that happy place of no car payments. 😉 The one above … Read More

This Is Mark’s Insanity

I was just too excited last week to find out that the SMART car I’ve seen in Europe is coming to the USA in 2008!  I’m thinking very seriously that this may be my next vehicle.  As long as I hang onto the Blazer, … Read More

No News is….

Not sure where the “no news is good news” thing comes from.  I guess it has it’s good points, but as the continuing knee saga unfolds… I’m not sure I agree… After weeks of physical therapy, I went back to the orthopedist last week.  … Read More

Drifting Along

Home for a few days, being Mother’s day weekend and all. I’d seen the stories about the wild fires in south Georgia for a good while now but

The Brevity Of Life

Yvonne, Jimmy, and Mike Lewis Originally uploaded by Marksda1. 1949 – My Mom’s sister, Yvonne Wilson Lewis (1922-2007) with her sons, Jimmy (1942-2000) and Mike Lewis (born 1944). Today I was on the phone for a long conference call and two times I saw … Read More

Somedays I’m 12 Years Old

So, I do my usual wait for the crowds to disperse and run up the street to Kroger because the pantry is nearing bare. Only, they have been doing road work, I kid you not, on State Bridge Road for over three years. At … Read More

Techy Weekend

I had planned to go down and see some art at the Dogwood Festival this weekend as I have the past couple of years.  However, the weather was just plain unappealing and I had no real desire to get out. Last week I started … Read More


My knee is 80% better today. I talked to the doctor today – she called – what kind of weird parallel universe am I in?? She said


So, I saw the doctor today.  Not my regular doctor who is sick but another in his practice.  I was telling my Mom last night (appointment was yesterday but rescheduled because doctor was out) that I was kind of glad that I was seeing … Read More

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