Net Neutrality Needed

This topic came up today in an entirely unrelated forum, but it stirred up the hornet’s nest for me. I don’t tend to post on these sort of topics, but to me this is one that should cross all lines. Of course, this all … Read More

Beyonce vs Mercury Meme Misses The Point

Ah, don’t you love inter-generational rivalry? My music/clothes/cars/whatever-else-you-have trumps yours! If there’s anything that’s fair game it’s that whatever is new is always crap compared to my generation! And as sure as you roll your eyes when someone says it about the things you … Read More

Borja, Spain – Damaged Fresco Meme

It’s unusual for me to find myself on the outside looking in when there’s a good joke afoot. I don’t think many people who know me well would suggest I had lost my funny bone. Yet there’s one meme that went viral this week … Read More

Web of Lies

There’s an element of our society that I’ll never understand. Well, there are probably many, but specifically, it’s the people who cook up stories and post them online and wait for their falsehoods to spread. I’m not talking politics or scandals here, but just … Read More