The Game Of Picking Winners And Losers

Facebook recently announced more changes to the already-involved algorithms that decide what users see in their news feed when they log in. When I read the news, I admit, I already foresaw a little of the impact that would come, i.e. ever-more-decreased reach for … Read More

Pinterest Ultimately Needs A Re-Think

I purposefully waited to post what are more or less my closing thoughts on Pinterest. I had a mission to complete before this day came… If you’re curious about what came before, you can see a little of my evolution on thoughts about the … Read More

No Such Thing as Most Recent on Facebook

I know, I know, the people who actually read my blathering posts are seeing the word “Facebook” in the title and sighing inwardly if not audibly. But it’s one of those topics that bubbles to the surface rather frequently. Today was because of a … Read More

Formulas for Relevance

With great irony only a couple of days after my last post on Facebook’s new promote feature, I posted a new photo to my Facebook page and it wasn’t even relevant to me! Seriously, the only place my own post on my page appeared … Read More

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