Dispatches From Dublin

Wow, it’s been nearly a month since my last update!  The main reason for this post is that I’ve completed my photos from Dublin, but I realize for anyone who doesn’t check Facebook, you may not know I ever got back!  It was a … Read More

Dublin Dénouement

Ah, my time in Dublin is rapdily diminshing like the grains of sand between my fingers.  If all goes as planned, this time tomorrow I’ll be in France! Yesterday I awoke to a gray and misty wet day.  I immediately recognized it as a … Read More

Irish Ghosts

Yesterday was bus day. There’s no other name for it. I knew it was worth it to go ahead and waste a night than adding another night in Galway and losing today getting here, but it didn’t make it nicer knowing that. I woke … Read More

Connemara and Killary Fjord

I’ve spent the past two nights here in Connemara at the Sleepzone Connemara overlooking the Killary Fjord. Reputedly this is the only Fjord in Ireland. Lonely Planet suggests that it’s not technically a fjord as it wasn’t glaciated. I’m not sure who to believe, … Read More

Goodbye Galway

I think I’ve done fairly well with my couch potato plans. I haven’t exactly been laying on a couch, but I’m also having an equally hard time coming up with what exactly I have been doing. I have wandered some and seen more of … Read More

Galway Potato

So, we’re working our way through day two of my planned couch potatoing. Oh and yes, for those who didn’t see my post on Facebook, I am off the island at last! No disrespect for Inis Mor and the Aran Islands. I am sure … Read More

Abandon All Hope

It’s not just the pizza island, it’s the island of no return! No ferries ran today because of a storm. The winds were “50km” per hour. You do the math my friends who live in miles as I do. I just know that it … Read More

Vote Me Off This Island

Well, yesterday, the sun was shining again! I had breakfast and watched for the morning ferry to arrive and then bounced down to the road to join a tour. Managed to get in with three others with a good guide. We saw a couple … Read More

Aran Island Couch Potato

Wow, to say today was unproductive would not be an exaggeration. And I’m not exactly bothered. You see yesterday I hit my own mental brick wall. I’ve enjoyed my trip, but with few exceptions, I’ve been out wandering every day for two weeks. I … Read More

Galway – Winter Wonderland

Where to begin, basically a two day catch-up here. I woke up Friday to a foggy and colder Galway. Considering I barely escaped Dublin, all I could think was my Saturday ferry to Inis Mór might be in danger, but what can you do?! … Read More

To Galway With Love

Maybe it’s too early to be confessing this, but I think I’m in love with Galway. I slept in a bit, but considering I was past midnight getting the last post done, cut me some slack. In my real life, I’m a night owl. … Read More

Galway or Bust

Wow, long day! Actually long night, too! Last evening, I was simply struggling to stay awake as early as 6pm! To be fair, little doubt that my sinus infection plus sore throat were not helping matters. Still I couldn’t go to bed so early, … Read More

Dublin Dazed

I’ve been fighting a cold since getting back to Dublin. I blame one part winter cold to one part tour crud. That and a genuine need to do laundry was why I spent the day in yesterday. This morning I woke up feeling like … Read More

Derry to Dublin

Wow, so much catch up to do that I’m sure the details will be woefully lacking in some parts! It was a fast if fun trek and I find myself taking a small breather today in Dublin while the laundry is going. From Derry, … Read More

Dublin to Derry

Ah, finally a few minutes with an actual computer instead of just scratching off a few notes on my iPhone!   That and a power point (outlet) by my bed so that I can charge tonight is pure heaven! Wow, my standards for a … Read More