Care and Feeding for your Social Network

Wow, I watched F8 today and really look forward to playing more with the Timeline feature and seeing what’s possible with the new open graph. I like the idea that you can more than like media now, for instance, someone could look at one … Read More

You Are Not Your Social Network

After my last post on G+, I finally managed to piece together more thoughts on the subject and I think the title in this post is where my thoughts last time were going but hadn’t quite come together well enough to put them into … Read More

The Perfect Social Network

Google’s new G+ has been making a lot of waves the last few weeks and I’m good with competition and new ideas, but I’m frankly on Social Network overload at this point, how about you? I won’t even list how many I’ve been part … Read More

Needs Versus Wants

It’s been two months since I had a full-fledged iPhone at my disposal. And not only has it been a cheaper two months, it’s been an oddly liberating experience. I’ve read about various people taking digital sabbaticals over the past year and honestly wasn’t moved … Read More

Rockfest 1999

As many years as I’ve blogged (off and on, not consistently I fear), it’s amazing to me some time to look back on memories that I was sure I blogged and discover, nope I didn’t. It’s like my memories are somehow now in text … Read More

Green Lantern Two Hours Well Spent

One of the few things I miss about my old place in the suburbia of Atlanta is that in my old townhouse, I was literally 5 minutes from the seats of an 18 screen cinema. Not five minutes to the door or the parking … Read More

And Along Came a Monitor

I know monitor’s change, after all, if you are using them for color sensitive things like design or photography, you’re expected to calibrate them regularly. And over my years of doing photography, I’ve been able to tell when my monitor needs it even without … Read More

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