Keeping It Simple

Keep it Simple Stupid is far from an original mantra, but one I digested last night. If you haven’t noticed, I’m in the midst of revamping my little garrison of websites. They had all gone somewhat stale and my motivation to change that was … Read More

RCPM – Latest Album And Feeling Disconnected

My how times change. There was a time when I would have pre-ordered any album coming from RCPM (Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers). It would have been waiting in the mailbox as close to the day it came out as possible. They are, after … Read More

Net Neutrality Needed

This topic came up today in an entirely unrelated forum, but it stirred up the hornet’s nest for me. I don’t tend to post on these sort of topics, but to me this is one that should cross all lines. Of course, this all … Read More

Trying New Things – Standing

I decided to try something new today. I’ve long thought about how much time I spend sitting. Between photo editing and general online tasks, I’m attached to my laptop a lot. And while a laptop is a go-anywhere kind of device, you tend to … Read More

Feeling Human – Holiday Ills

I’ve gotten where I rarely report on illness, especially on social media. I just hate to be one of those woe is me people. So, if I’m ever quiet, it may be that I’m busy or it may be that I simply have nothing … Read More

Eye Feel Anxiety

There’s something about going to see an eye doctor that always feels me with dread. It’s not that I’ve ever had a bad experience with one, mind you. Still, I manage to build it up pretty much every time. There’s something about having someone … Read More

The Game Of Picking Winners And Losers

Facebook recently announced more changes to the already-involved algorithms that decide what users see in their news feed when they log in. When I read the news, I admit, I already foresaw a little of the impact that would come, i.e. ever-more-decreased reach for … Read More

Pinterest Ultimately Needs A Re-Think

I purposefully waited to post what are more or less my closing thoughts on Pinterest. I had a mission to complete before this day came… If you’re curious about what came before, you can see a little of my evolution on thoughts about the … Read More

Scorpio Leisure From The Stagger Rats

Sometimes the musical connections I make are pretty unusual. I have my share of bands I discovered by overhearing them on my travels, but I think The Stagger Rats may be the first I found based on travel daydreams! I have long wanted to … Read More

Why Do I Feel So Spaced Out?

Wow… what a night… Yesterday afternoon, I started really feeling worn out for no good reason. It’s not the first time. In fact, it’s almost right at a decade since that first time. The first time was equally scary. I had a week of … Read More

Never Ending Painting

The title of this one is somewhat tongue in cheek. Certainly had I been painting non-stop, I’d be done by now. But the humorous part is that observant people will remember when I broke my foot last year, I was doing what? Yes, painting! … Read More

An Entertaining Afternoon At the Theater

I haven’t been a heavy movie goer since leaving Atlanta. I could probably count the movies I’ve seen since 2009 if I sat down and thought about it a little. When there was a theater down the street, it was a no-brainer. Now I … Read More

Flickr Redesign Is Kind of Pinteresty

When I stuck my head out of the rabbit hole today, I saw the news that there had been a major Flickr redesign. I was… lukewarm… at the news. Flickr… what can I say about Flickr? I’ve been a member since 2006, but I … Read More

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