Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Kroger

Almost two weeks ago, I was having my pre-op for the surgery.   The hospital is down the street in Duluth, but the opposite direction I usually go to shop and all.  That morning, I stopped by the Kroger coming from that direction instead.  … Read More

DragonCon X

In honor of what would have been my 10th consecutive DragonCon. I’m not heart broken at having missed it. If I had wanted to go bad enough, I would have delayed surgery on my foot. I wasn’t excited about going this year and had … Read More

I Will Survive

Surgery yesterday was both earlier than expected and longer than expected. I had gone home to pick up my Mom the day before and the phone rang at their house and I saw it was the hospital. I answered expecting they wanted to speak … Read More

Carrying A Chip On My Foot??

It’s interesting, this year I just had not managed to drum up any excitement that DragonCon was on its way. This would be my 10th straight DragonCon. I’ve never missed one since moving into the Atlanta area. And every year has also been an … Read More

No Threes Please

Today was back to find out the results of the MRI. Has anyone ever gotten a concrete answer from these things or is just me? Well, I’ve got good news anyway.  I have not torn or broken anything.  Tendons all intact.  Bones mostly intact.  … Read More

The Magic Of Stardust

A few weeks ago, I sat in a theater and watched a trailer for a film called Stardust, and I resolved to see it for a very silly reason. Granted much that is good has stood on nonsensical ground, my grounds were that much … Read More

The Automatic LIVE

Exausted but well pleased! Deramtologist visit this afternoon in Buckhead area and then loitering about as long as I could before wandering down to Vinyl to catch The Automatic in their last US show before going back to the UK to continue touring. The … Read More

Here, There, and Yonder

It’s me here, still with the hobbling. On flat terrain I’m fine. Going up the stairs I’m fine. Going down the stairs, I may as well be 80 years old. I sort of started analyzing what is giving me problems this morning and determined … Read More

Soundtrack To Life

So, I’m in another one of my now infamous purge modes. For the uninitiated, I have a tendency to be somewhat of a pack rat, but off and on through my life, as far back as I can remember, I will occasionally just go … Read More

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