Weight Watchers Zealots For over an hour this morning, I listened to co-workers behind me preaching the gospel of weight watchers to another co-worker. I don’t believe that I will ever understand the fanaticism that some people feel about a life style that works … Read More

The Month that was just too much I hope that this isn’t any kind of portent for my trip to London next week. The week prior one friend was dealing with the loss of her home and belongings by fire. I went home and … Read More

Belated Condolences What a week… I haven’t had the energy to post or the ability to form a coherent sentence. Sunday was a restful day for me. I did laundry and I pulled out the can of paint that I had for my guest … Read More

Footnote Very cool news that last night’s concert at Smith’s Olde Bar for RCPM was indeed sold out!!!! YAYYYY!!! Good news for the band!

Ah Sweeeetttttt Met up with Brian & Kelly and saw Hellboy! Very awesome movie! Totally enjoyed it. Awesome work by the director and actors in understanding the source material and the characters they were playing. Really a very entertaining two hours! We also got … Read More

Am I nuts? I’ve felt better today – no achy-achy-side, so what do I do when I finally get moving enough to consider myself actually awake? I go out and whack away at my scuppernong vines. I need to do a little more with … Read More

You’re Getting Very Sleepy… Had my doctor’s appointment on Thursday. It is a pulled muscle that’s causing the pain in my side. They’re muscle spasms and can be brought on by something as minor as breathing. Yay!! I’m glad it’s nothing more serious, but … Read More

Time Marches On Had to skip my morning treadmill torture today. I’ve had a catch or something in my side for two days. Today, I felt it on awakening, an almost stab-like sensation on my right side right about the bottom of the rib … Read More

File this one under: You know you’re getting old when: You go to work and spend the first two hours of the day wondering whether or not you turned off the heating pad that you were using to doctor your aching foot. And then … Read More

Whoever catalogues the Radio Stations for Windows Media Player needs to be shot. This morning, running behind and tired of listening to the same couple of albums saved as MP3’s on my hard drive, I decided to tune into some net radio during my … Read More

First post of the New Year! Had a nice Christmas at home with the family. Spent a full week with my parents. I think that may be the first time since I moved to Atlanta 6 years ago. Every trip home that was very … Read More

Much to report here at my oft-neglected BLOG. First last night – Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers came through again! I think that makes 4 or 5 times that I’ve seen them at Smiths Olde Bar. I took my digital camera, so I will … Read More

Thanksgiving Cactus Almost two years ago, I visited my now-late grandmother at Christmas. While there, she gave me cuttings from two of her cacti. She told me one was a Thanksgiving and the other a Christmas cactus – the main difference being when they … Read More

Today would have been Granny’s 93 birthday. Last year my Dad and I went to see her a couple of days before her birthday since it was on a weekday, as this year. That’s the last time I really had a conversation with her. … Read More

Nice weekend at home. I finished painting the trim on the front of the house and painted half of the porch floor. Also reglazed all of the windows I could reach (the ones behind fixed storm windows (if they even need it) will have … Read More

There’s so much I could say about the year to date. The highs, the lows – unfortunately more of the latter. Beginning with the loss of my grandmother in January and continuing with my mom’s multiple surgeries for a broken ankle in Feb, it’s … Read More

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