It’s been over a week since we laid Granny to rest at Macedonia next to a grandfather that none of us grandchildren knew. She outlived him by almost 40 years, time enough to see all her grandchildren born and raised into adulthood and for … Read More

My Grandmother Passed Away

It happened today in the late afternoon in South Alabama. My grandmother passed away. Intellectually, I can face it. Emotionally, I don’t think I’ll totally believe it until I’m at the funeral. I find it so hard to imagine never speaking to her again. … Read More

I haven’t written lately. I haven’t known what to say. On top of my own all-too-natural questioning of the universe and my place in it, I’ve been dealing at a long distance with feelings over my grandmother’s deteriorating physical condition. Everytime I talk to … Read More

About a week ago, Jonathan Harris, better known as Dr. Smith from Lost in Space, one of my favorite shows of childhood, passed away. It actually took a couple of days for the news to break, which is additionally sad. I was numb for … Read More

Have to post the lyrics to this song. Sung by Mark Wills (I know scary – country music, me??) and written by (according to my info) Chris Dubois and David Lee. Everytime I hear this song, I’m taken back to those long ago childhood … Read More

Been feeling a little lighter the last day or so. That’s a positive thing at least! Friday night we went to a cornfield maze in Canton, GA. It was interesting, tho I felt like I was mostly just fumbling around in the dark. Ironically … Read More

The blues just won’t go away… On my way home from work today, I had pretty much determined that even if I waited until Spring, I was full-steam-ahead on the leaving Atlanta idea. There hasn’t been a day in some time I haven’t thought … Read More

I’ve been in a funk lately, just a borderline blue mood. I’ve been thinking a lot about moving closer to home. That’s even crept into a few earlier journal entries. Everytime I go home and drive back here, it seems… I dunno, like I’m … Read More

I can hardly be said to be a regular blogger, unlike my cousin Brian, who updates his online journal with some regularity. So much yet so little since the last entry. I had an awesome Labor Day Weekend at DragonCon now nearly three weeks … Read More

Last night I chanced across a former associates’ web page and her description of the Botcon in 2001. It brought back a flood of memories. You see, we once had friends in common who last night I saw pictures of and read about. These … Read More

My Trip Through LA (Lower Alabama) A few weeks ago now, my mom and I made a weekend trip through southern AL and spent two nights in the town she grew up in, Andalusia. My dad’s family was in the same county for like … Read More

Ooooohhhhhoohhhhh my achin feet! But I had fun! After work today, I came home, changed clothes, and drove down to the North Springs MARTA station to catch a train downtown for Downtown Rocks and the chance to see Cake FREEEE BABBBYYY!!! Awesome concert and … Read More

Largely a quiet weekend. We had a good week of rain. It’s been kind of gray and lazy but I hope the periods of rain continue. My plants need the rain! Saturday I got one of my friends to go to the comic shop … Read More

Have been reading posts to the message board at Atlanta Comicon and just saw a posting for a review of the Con along with photos. I took some digital photos myself, but not too many. Unlike DragonCon where there’s tons of eye candy and … Read More

I had every intention of posting a blow-by-blow account of my weekend at Atlanta Comicon, however I don’t think I would know where to begin. From beginning to end, I had a good time. Friday night was a simple gathering at one of the … Read More

Just got home from Night #2 of Atlanta Comicon. So far, I’ve had a great time. I’ve hung out with some neat people and got some cool stuff. All in all a first rate weekend, but I’m entirely too tired to adequately document tonight. … Read More

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