Not much news on my personal front. However, I found out Easter day that my grandmother was in the hospital again and was likely to go into a nursing home. That happenned yesterday. I guess we all saw it coming. She’s 91 years old … Read More

I read something similar to this about a year ago when I moved to Alpharetta. Although I have an Alpharetta address, I technically live in unicorporated Fulton County. It’s kind of funny. I grew up inside the city limits of Montezuma, GA. My entire … Read More

Nothing much happenned this weekend. I managed to do some small amount of housework and almost put the living room back together afterwards. I guess I’ll do some more the next few nights since I got so little done otherwise. I spent a lot … Read More

Week three of training for my new job – at least the formal training. I’m certain the on-the-job variety will continue for awhile. I’m kind of glad that the formal variety is nearly over. Then again, I don’t think I’d be nearly so tired … Read More

Been an eventful couple of months. I got a new position at Equifax, where I’ve worked the past three years. I just changed departments. In some ways, I’m starting over, but going there with the knowledge I have, it’s not a total new start. … Read More

First post of the new year. Nothing major to report on. Christmas was a pleasant time. I had a few days to myself here before going home to the family. Spent a few days with my grandmother, Aunt, & Uncle in Dothan, AL. Got … Read More

Not much going on tonight. I should probably go to bed soon. I was up very late last night as I left work at 12:30am along with a couple of co-workers I’d stayed behind to help get a project out of a ditch for. … Read More

Celebrated my grandmother’s 91st birthday on Saturday. Her birthday was actually yesterday (the 8th), but our family gathering was Saturday. Had some great aunts and uncles there and a few distant cousins. Only a couple of my first cousins were there, Tim, with his … Read More

I haven’t posted anything in quite awhile. The time I normally used to post messages has been taken up e-mailing a new friend, Melanie, who I met last night at the Starbucks in the Barnes & Noble in Alpharetta. We talked for hours. I’m … Read More

“Tonight, we are a country awakened to danger and called to defend freedom. Our grief has turned to anger and anger to resolution. Whether we bring our enemies to justice or bring justice to our enemies, justice will be done.” “We have seen their … Read More

Just finished my walk this evening and am now guzzling water. Not much new at work today, which isn’t per se a bad thing. The rest of this week may be a little busier than last but not a big deal I suppose. I … Read More

Not much news today at all. Got back to Atlanta just before rush hour hit and got me and the cats settled back in. The fish were very glad to see me as the weekend feed was all but gone. I tried out a … Read More

Many days without an update but I’ve been relaxing at home with my parents. Friday my Mom and I went to Macon, Warner Robins and Byron and spent too much money shopping. Primarily I got stuff for around my house, but I also got … Read More

What do you say about today?? I don’t think that I or any of us will forget the attacks on New York and DC today. I’ve felt like I was living in a dream all day. We all sat around today and listened to … Read More

More or less just got back in from this evening’s walk. I didn’t end up going to Lowe’s this afternoon. I got a call just as I was ready to leave this afternoon and it was raining so I figured I might as well … Read More

Didn’t post anything yesterday but didn’t miss telling much. I had an uneventful day. I read the paper and watched some TV before going out for a little shopping. I had to go by Lowe’s to pick up some pine bark mulch for my … Read More

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