Sitting, Waiting, Wishing….

Long day… This morning, I managed to crunch my universal remote control. Mind you, this wasn’t a cheapy one, but one that I had bought a few years ago that could learn from other remotes and could record macros so that I didn’t have … Read More

A Hero for All Ages

So the reading list has been sparse lately as I’ve been waiting for the first shipment of comics via mail since the last pick-up from Chris. In the interim, however, I’ve had time to work on some of the trades, etc. that have been … Read More

Instructions not Instructive

Life is Random Yesterday, I was heading home from work, barely a couple of miles from the office when I saw a white blazer waiting to merge in with heavy traffic from the opposite side of the road and doing my bit of good … Read More

Weekend Wandering

askHad a nice weekend. I got jack done at home of the things I should have done, but sometimes that’s better. Saturday I slept until noon… yes… noon. And then I napped some more. I did finish painting the trim on the stairs that … Read More

Life is But a Dream

First, one I’ve meant to share for a week: HUGE KIDS SALE I’ve passed that sign at a church on the way to work about this time of the year every year since I bought my house. And every year, I want to know … Read More

Cannot Deny Geekiness

So, despite being cool yesterday, in an almost fall-like manner, the sun was bright and beautiful. I know this because I saw it from my window. Despite my gung-ho attitude to get out and enjoy Saturday, I was tired and bum-like and barely stirred … Read More

Where Does Time Go?

Not down the drain I hope! Having a reflective moment, so deal with it. Yesterday, I notice that there are new students at my tiny little high school and bop into to see who. Turns out to be someone I knew of but didn’t … Read More

Paint & Hobo Dreams

I did manage to get some trim painting done. Of course, half-way through, the phone rings. I reach for the upstairs cordless (yes, I’m so anal the little electronic message on it says “upstairs”) only to discover that it says “place on cradle. Oops, … Read More

Where went the weekend?

Sunday evening has rolled around and the weekend was incredibly short. Had dinner with April after work Friday and then ran and grabbed some stuff I needed from Wal-Mart before coming home to continue my work on the painting. Did only a bit before … Read More

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