Being Sick Ain’t No Fun

I started feeling kinda poorly the end of last week, scratchy throat, sniffles – the usual. Was hoping allergies. Went home for an early rendition of Dad’s birthday (which is actually this coming Friday). With luck the folks won’t look back on the visit … Read More

Sanity has LEFT the building!

Well, if you’ve talked to me or e-mailed with me in the past month or so, you’ve probably suffered through a good deal of trip talk, i.e. “Should I stay or should I go now.” More than a month ago, I started contemplating Rome … Read More

The Alpharetta Chipmunk Revival

So, I’m relaxing in front of the TV trying to read 1776, cats by my feet when I hear… something in the litter box.. huh? Count cats… 1.. 2… that’s it… what’s in the litter box? Leo, my six month old apparently hits the … Read More

One Thing Leads to Another

So, I came home last Sunday and made a quick pit stop in my rarely used downstairs bathroom. It’s pretty strictly for guests as I can’t fathom the reason for me to dirty up more than one bathroom solo. So, I run in, use … Read More

Playing Catch-up

So, I haven’t posted anything new in awhile. But other than the usual internal chaos, nothing new to report anyway. Fighting some allergy or something. If it’s a cold, it’s very atypical as I don’t feel congested, feverish. I’m just sneezing and coughing A … Read More

DragonCon 2005 – it’s a wrap

This year was very low-key but a welcome change to last year where someone attempted to break into my Blazer and Brian & Kelly were attacked INSIDE of the Hyatt. I was so down on the whole thing that I almost made other plans … Read More

Still Tired

I must still be getting over last week’s 65 hours at work. It’s all I immediately have to explain tonight. I got home about 6pm. By 7pm, I was just dragging. Close to 8pm, I decided I’d just lay down in the bed and … Read More

PurgeFest 2005 Continues

Well, it got interrupted by Workfest… I pulled 65 hours this week… I was about ready to cry for awhile. I’m just not that dedicated to my work, but it had to be done to complete a project on time for a customer audit … Read More

Operation Purge Continues

Up late last night – wheeee! As if it wasn’t enough I went to the Big Creek walking trail and put in nearly five miles, I came home and contined on operation purge. I just feel the need to winnow through my belongings. This … Read More

Yaaayyyy Me!!!

Had third installment of photo class today. Our assignment was to bring in photographs illustrating depth of field and motion (not together!). My motion pictures weren’t, to me, the best, but considering the heat and all last Satuday, walking up to the dam onVickery … Read More

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