Day One of DragonCon 2001 ended last night. Was a long day of course! Drove to the airport to pick up Brandy and her friends, Jan and Karilyn, yesterday morning. I was late and, of course, their plane was early, but it worked out … Read More

The weekend came and went. Had a semi-enjoyable time in Dallas. Granted it was work, but it was nice to escape my desk for awhile. Got little accomplished in the office today. Just wanted to spend some time at home so bad I could … Read More

Not time to say much this morning. I fly to Dallas this afternoon for an audit with our customer tomorrow. There’s a handfull of us from Equifax coming as well as a couple from Citigroup in NY (who bought our old customer). We’re going … Read More

Been a LONG week at work and I know I need to go in tomorrow to catch up on some of my neglected work. I watched my Road Trip DVD tonight (finally)! Definitely a nice way to wind down the week! Wish I’d come … Read More

Well, this is my first post. I’m just testing out blogger to see if it will do what I want it to. It’s been a long week and I brought work home with me. I’m still getting over a touch of poison ivy so … Read More

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