Egypt Time

Time is passing quickly here, but it’s passing on Egypt time, which turns out to be very similar to Mexican time. Nothing is quite on time, but no one seems to care so I’m gradually getting used to it again. It does take a … Read More

The Past Is Always Gold

I’m not sure what today got me into this journey down memory lane. But it began with hunting down this old commercial… And the memories came rushing back.. I moved from commercial to commercial and the odd cartoon of those days such as But … Read More


Saturday afternoon and evening, I wandered about Merida with my camera. I recorded some good shots of the city bathed in evening light and a lot of scenes that I felt captured the city, some of the beauty, some of that lovely decay, and … Read More

Mark’s Rattlesnake Roundup

Today’s title brought to us by the letter R is just my nutso way of saying that there will be a cacophony of topics ahead. A little of everything and little of value to world peace. Does the World Need Superman? Friday night, I … Read More


Last night I had a small and perhaps brief break-through with Leo. My formerly stray kitten is still very timid around me. Around other cats, fine, but around people, shy and scared. I’ve been doing everything I can to not do anything sudden around … Read More