New Years 2010 Deciphered

Since I’ve been in my own little world lately, I figured I should get in at least one blog update before rushing off for my 6th New Years abroad.  In this order, the past five were Edinburgh’s Hogmanay street party, Rome’s Piazza della Repubblica, … Read More

On This Day in 1903

One hundred and five years ago, my grandmother was born in the tiny community of Midway, Alabama. She was the eldest child of Joseph & Gertha Johnston, and was born at the home of her grandparents, Proctor & Lula Johns. My grandmother, who I … Read More

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Kroger

Almost two weeks ago, I was having my pre-op for the surgery.   The hospital is down the street in Duluth, but the opposite direction I usually go to shop and all.  That morning, I stopped by the Kroger coming from that direction instead.  … Read More

By The Skin of our teeth

Where to start? I’ll save some suspense and first describe where I am because this alone is a unique experience. The only night time internet spot in Sorrento as far as we can tell is a club. We laughed last night when we saw … Read More

Spending Hours in Straight Lines

When I moved into my townhouse, darn near 5 years ago, there was a stain in the dining room carpet that would not come out. Not being a huge fan of wall to wall in the dining room, I decided that one day, I’d … Read More


Ooooohhhhhoohhhhh my achin feet! But I had fun! After work today, I came home, changed clothes, and drove down to the North Springs MARTA station to catch a train downtown for Downtown Rocks and the chance to see Cake FREEEE BABBBYYY!!! Awesome concert and … Read More


I read something similar to this about a year ago when I moved to Alpharetta. Although I have an Alpharetta address, I technically live in unicorporated Fulton County. It’s kind of funny. I grew up inside the city limits of Montezuma, GA. My entire … Read More