Egypt Time

Time is passing quickly here, but it’s passing on Egypt time, which turns out to be very similar to Mexican time. Nothing is quite on time, but no one seems to care so I’m gradually getting used to it again. It does take a … Read More

Coming Undone

Excuse me if I’ve written this before.  It’s entirely possible.  Because every time I travel, there’s this surreal feeling of my life unraveling.  Maybe it’s just symbolic, but from the point I bundle up whatever possessions are going with me and lock the front … Read More

Skye’s The Limit

Yesterday was an entire day just on the Isle of Skye. The weather was decent, not perfect but good. Some occasional mist but really there was some sun, and it is Scotland in winter, so will not complain. Since we were spending another night … Read More

A Hero for All Ages

So the reading list has been sparse lately as I’ve been waiting for the first shipment of comics via mail since the last pick-up from Chris. In the interim, however, I’ve had time to work on some of the trades, etc. that have been … Read More


I’ve been in a funk lately, just a borderline blue mood. I’ve been thinking a lot about moving closer to home. That’s even crept into a few earlier journal entries. Everytime I go home and drive back here, it seems… I dunno, like I’m … Read More