Is It Midnight?

Okay, for weeks, I’ve been hating how dark it was in the morning.  The late sunrise made it seem even harder to rise and shine.  Okay, I never shine, but I do rise.  Now the sun is going down too early.  There is no … Read More

Coming Undone

Excuse me if I’ve written this before.  It’s entirely possible.  Because every time I travel, there’s this surreal feeling of my life unraveling.  Maybe it’s just symbolic, but from the point I bundle up whatever possessions are going with me and lock the front … Read More

Life is a Highway

After yesterday´s long dissertation, I meandered out to find sustenance… and it was Burger King.  Sorry to one and all, but it was bound to happen sooner or later.  You knew it, I knew it. And after my quatro grande, I moved on to … Read More

Oh What A Life

Had to go to the dermatologist today. Adult acne, oh what fun. I guess I was lucky not to have any severe breakouts as a teen, but it doesn’t get easier as an adult. I really don’t have acne in that sense of the … Read More

Sinus infection is finally feeling under control. Saw the doctor a couple of days ago and got checked out. It was a sinus infection, as I suspected. Funny how I made it though around 27 years without ever having one of these, and in … Read More

Had my first creative writing class tonight. Was quite enjoyable. We have several assignments to work on for the next class – some reading, some writing exercises, as well as an ongoing assignment to keep a journal of observances, thoughts, etc. I guess to … Read More

This is from the “Yes, I am insane – thanks for asking” department: Sitting at work during lunch today I was checking out airfare to various places. There was an awesome fare to Australia listed at Clark Howard’s site – with tax $1,070 – … Read More

I’ve been in a funk lately, just a borderline blue mood. I’ve been thinking a lot about moving closer to home. That’s even crept into a few earlier journal entries. Everytime I go home and drive back here, it seems… I dunno, like I’m … Read More

Week three of training for my new job – at least the formal training. I’m certain the on-the-job variety will continue for awhile. I’m kind of glad that the formal variety is nearly over. Then again, I don’t think I’d be nearly so tired … Read More

Many days without an update but I’ve been relaxing at home with my parents. Friday my Mom and I went to Macon, Warner Robins and Byron and spent too much money shopping. Primarily I got stuff for around my house, but I also got … Read More