One Month With The iPhone

After the post about considering a mac, I feel like I’m confessing to  a religious conversion here! Yes, I was one of the sheep who stood in line on the day the new iPhone 3G came out.  In my (admittedly slim) defense here, I … Read More

Random Inspiration

It’s very interesting where we find inspiration sometimes. For a few years now, I’ve been a casual reader of Wil Wheaton’s blog.  Yes, Wil Wheaton AKA Wesley Crusher of Star Trek.  For one reason or another, I relate to some of the things he … Read More

Carrying A Chip On My Foot??

It’s interesting, this year I just had not managed to drum up any excitement that DragonCon was on its way. This would be my 10th straight DragonCon. I’ve never missed one since moving into the Atlanta area. And every year has also been an … Read More

Red Shirt Memories

I’m not sure what brought this old parody song to my mind today, but I’m glad I live in a world where I can find anything on the internet. I remember listening to this in high school on the Doctor Demento radio show.

Cannot Deny Geekiness

So, despite being cool yesterday, in an almost fall-like manner, the sun was bright and beautiful. I know this because I saw it from my window. Despite my gung-ho attitude to get out and enjoy Saturday, I was tired and bum-like and barely stirred … Read More

DragonCon 2005 – it’s a wrap

This year was very low-key but a welcome change to last year where someone attempted to break into my Blazer and Brian & Kelly were attacked INSIDE of the Hyatt. I was so down on the whole thing that I almost made other plans … Read More

Making it Happen Well, I’ve spent enough time talking about the possibilities of the New Year. I just registered for a writing class that’s part of Emory’s Lifetime Learning program, i.e. continuing education. I waffled back and forth. There were a couple of classes … Read More

Time Marches On Had to skip my morning treadmill torture today. I’ve had a catch or something in my side for two days. Today, I felt it on awakening, an almost stab-like sensation on my right side right about the bottom of the rib … Read More

I can hardly be said to be a regular blogger, unlike my cousin Brian, who updates his online journal with some regularity. So much yet so little since the last entry. I had an awesome Labor Day Weekend at DragonCon now nearly three weeks … Read More

Been a LONG week at work and I know I need to go in tomorrow to catch up on some of my neglected work. I watched my Road Trip DVD tonight (finally)! Definitely a nice way to wind down the week! Wish I’d come … Read More