Eye Feel Anxiety

There’s something about going to see an eye doctor that always feels me with dread. It’s not that I’ve ever had a bad experience with one, mind you. Still, I manage to build it up pretty much every time. There’s something about having someone … Read More

Anticlimactic Answer is Anticlimactic

It took almost a week to find out about my foot. Last Wednesday I had more x-rays and a test to check on the possibility of gout to explain why I still have a good deal of soreness nearly three months after breaking my … Read More

Tick Tock – Wait

I finally had to bite the bullet and get my foot looked at today. I’ve made a lot of progress since I took off the training wheels, but it’s been two and a half months since I broke it and although I’m hardly in … Read More

Recuperation Is Not Fast

A full day without the buddy tape around my big toe and it’s nearest neighbor. It’s been interesting. After six weeks of being taped and 99% of that time in a recovery shoe on top of it, the first sensation was that it felt … Read More

My Toe Shouldn’t Point That Way

In the grand scheme of things it could have been far worse, but it’s still not a banner day. I’ve been working on prepping and painting my room. It is well due, but I guess now it will be a December task. I was … Read More

Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns Grow

I’m cautiously optimistic about my knee. In the last week, I finally experienced some improvement again. When I first started physical therapy, there was definite improvement. I went from struggling up the stairs to dull yet constant pain. It was better than before, but … Read More

No News is….

Not sure where the “no news is good news” thing comes from.  I guess it has it’s good points, but as the continuing knee saga unfolds… I’m not sure I agree… After weeks of physical therapy, I went back to the orthopedist last week.  … Read More


Day one of physical therapy is behind me and I’m encouraged.  My knee felt much better today.  Physical therapy was interesting.  After he evaluated it (and came up with the same thing doc #2 and the orthopedist said), he put a hot pack on … Read More

Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah

First for just an FYI, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m selling prints of some of my shots at Imagekind, a print on demand service.  These are nice prints and you can get them professionally matted and framed by the same service. Feel free … Read More

Not that I Needed This

Saw the doctor today for my follow-up on the knee problem. And… Arthritis… or rather the beginnings of arthritis…  possibly caused by some sort of injury to my knee earlier in life.  I think I may remember it.  I’m not the most graceful person … Read More

Achy Old Joints

So, I saw the doctor today about the pain in my left knee. Nothing readily wrong with it. So, he prescribed an anti-inflammatory and sent me for x-rays.  I go back a week from Thursday to review the x-rays and see how things are.  … Read More

Farewell Red

Last weekend was my first trip home since being in Rome. It wasn’t just a pleasure visit, I had to see my dentist for some ongoing dental work. I had to have some bone removed that’s affecting my bite. A couple more visits before … Read More

Long weekend. I spent much of it working on my yard. I think the beds in front of my house look much better at least. For the most part, it would have been a good if tiring weekend, but Monday evening, my Mom called … Read More

Weight Watchers Zealots For over an hour this morning, I listened to co-workers behind me preaching the gospel of weight watchers to another co-worker. I don’t believe that I will ever understand the fanaticism that some people feel about a life style that works … Read More

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