Spotify is Annoying

I’ve tried to like Spotify, and I suppose as a service where I can listen to new music – i.e. try before buying, it works but beyond that I don’t understand what the fuss is all about. I find it about as user friendly … Read More

Ultra Mega Ghetto Macbook Lapdesk

Ah, happy times.  In the past month, my MacBook Pro has been with the charming folks at Apple twice.  Granted in less time than I have owned my Mac, my Fujitsu laptop I had previously was dead.  So, no complaints.  Maybe I just got … Read More

Adobe’s Customer Service Grade

A few weeks ago, I got a macbook pro, as previously mentioned, and partially left the world of windows (my media center PC is still a PC).  I found out (before I made the switch) that Adobe will allow you to swamp from windows … Read More

One Month With The iPhone

After the post about considering a mac, I feel like I’m confessing to  a religious conversion here! Yes, I was one of the sheep who stood in line on the day the new iPhone 3G came out.  In my (admittedly slim) defense here, I … Read More

Will My Windows Become History

That’s something I never thought I’d say.  I’m actually considering a mac.  I don’t mean that in a negative way, just that sometimes I’m a creature of habit, and I’ve spent over a decade using Windows based PCs and most recently laptops. I’ve had … Read More


So, I saw the doctor today.  Not my regular doctor who is sick but another in his practice.  I was telling my Mom last night (appointment was yesterday but rescheduled because doctor was out) that I was kind of glad that I was seeing … Read More

Cannot Deny Geekiness

So, despite being cool yesterday, in an almost fall-like manner, the sun was bright and beautiful. I know this because I saw it from my window. Despite my gung-ho attitude to get out and enjoy Saturday, I was tired and bum-like and barely stirred … Read More

A New WET Year

Off to a spectacular start for the new year if you’re a fish. This is becoming a trend for me as New Years in Edinburgh last year was so wet that I went and watched a movie… now there’s an idea… I had something … Read More