Not So Exotic Bugs

The last few days in Egypt, I had a cough, which was particularly rough when we got back to the smog of Cairo. I thought the smog was what started things, but as I looked back, it started before we returned to Cairo. Still, … Read More

Balloons and Donkeys

Not so bright but early start to the morning.  Went with Sam and a few others for late dinner last night.  Neat place, not so touristy.  Had Koshary again.  So, got in aroun 11pm which wasn’t so bright for an early start.  Had to … Read More

Carrying A Chip On My Foot??

It’s interesting, this year I just had not managed to drum up any excitement that DragonCon was on its way. This would be my 10th straight DragonCon. I’ve never missed one since moving into the Atlanta area. And every year has also been an … Read More

No Threes Please

Today was back to find out the results of the MRI. Has anyone ever gotten a concrete answer from these things or is just me? Well, I’ve got good news anyway.  I have not torn or broken anything.  Tendons all intact.  Bones mostly intact.  … Read More


Day one of physical therapy is behind me and I’m encouraged.  My knee felt much better today.  Physical therapy was interesting.  After he evaluated it (and came up with the same thing doc #2 and the orthopedist said), he put a hot pack on … Read More


So, I saw the doctor today.  Not my regular doctor who is sick but another in his practice.  I was telling my Mom last night (appointment was yesterday but rescheduled because doctor was out) that I was kind of glad that I was seeing … Read More

Not that I Needed This

Saw the doctor today for my follow-up on the knee problem. And… Arthritis… or rather the beginnings of arthritis…  possibly caused by some sort of injury to my knee earlier in life.  I think I may remember it.  I’m not the most graceful person … Read More

Achy Old Joints

So, I saw the doctor today about the pain in my left knee. Nothing readily wrong with it. So, he prescribed an anti-inflammatory and sent me for x-rays.  I go back a week from Thursday to review the x-rays and see how things are.  … Read More

Life’s Firsts & Miscellany

Ah, behind on the updates to my life again. I spent the past weekend at home. It was a nice break from the fast pitch that work has become. I didn’t see a lot of my Dad (it was Father’s Day) because he had … Read More

Oh What A Life

Had to go to the dermatologist today. Adult acne, oh what fun. I guess I was lucky not to have any severe breakouts as a teen, but it doesn’t get easier as an adult. I really don’t have acne in that sense of the … Read More