A Year Later

Hard to believe it’s been over a year since I put my house up for sale and left my employer of  a decade in the metro Atlanta area.  It’s actually more in the range of a year and a month, I’d literally lost count … Read More

Savannah Photos

Okay, now for a few photos!  I completed editing and uploading photos from my brief stop in Savannah last month.  I still have to work on the NYC photos, but at least some progress.  Savannah was beautiful and I hope you’ll all enjoy some … Read More

Extended Stays

So, last Friday was my final day at Equifax.  I’ll still be back and forth to Atlanta for a bit until I move my stuff in storage and won’t entirely cut ties until I manage to sell my house, but soon, I’ll get to … Read More

Life is a State of Mind

I guess you could say a fair bit has been going on in my life this year.  After a decade working with the same company, I’ve decided to cut ties and try something new.  When I figure out what that is, I’ll let you … Read More

Skye’s The Limit

Yesterday was an entire day just on the Isle of Skye. The weather was decent, not perfect but good. Some occasional mist but really there was some sun, and it is Scotland in winter, so will not complain. Since we were spending another night … Read More


Ooooohhhhhoohhhhh my achin feet! But I had fun! After work today, I came home, changed clothes, and drove down to the North Springs MARTA station to catch a train downtown for Downtown Rocks and the chance to see Cake FREEEE BABBBYYY!!! Awesome concert and … Read More


I read something similar to this about a year ago when I moved to Alpharetta. Although I have an Alpharetta address, I technically live in unicorporated Fulton County. It’s kind of funny. I grew up inside the city limits of Montezuma, GA. My entire … Read More