Not So Exotic Bugs

The last few days in Egypt, I had a cough, which was particularly rough when we got back to the smog of Cairo. I thought the smog was what started things, but as I looked back, it started before we returned to Cairo. Still, … Read More

The Automatic LIVE

Exausted but well pleased! Deramtologist visit this afternoon in Buckhead area and then loitering about as long as I could before wandering down to Vinyl to catch The Automatic in their last US show before going back to the UK to continue touring. The … Read More

Soundtrack To Life

So, I’m in another one of my now infamous purge modes. For the uninitiated, I have a tendency to be somewhat of a pack rat, but off and on through my life, as far back as I can remember, I will occasionally just go … Read More

Something of an Update

It was pointed out recently that it’s been awhile since I’ve posted much outside of my photos. There’s a plethora of reasons for that, but by and large boring. When I’ve had spare time lately, my life has been either taking pictures or editing … Read More

It’s Just Money, right?

So, all my life, I’ve noticed that I’ve combined the best and worst of my families. I can be incredibly tight-fisted with money, and then I’ll go bonkers and spend like there’s no tomorrow on which to worry. So, I’ve recently been more on … Read More

Preserving The Past

Have spent the long holiday weekend enjoying time away from the office, but spending the proceeds! Over the course of the weekend, got a TV tuner card, a new 200 gig hard drive, and a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse. The latter two … Read More


Whoever catalogues the Radio Stations for Windows Media Player needs to be shot. This morning, running behind and tired of listening to the same couple of albums saved as MP3’s on my hard drive, I decided to tune into some net radio during my … Read More