North Georgia Amble

I had grand plans today to get an early start and ride up to the mountains and catch the sunrise on what I hoped would be some good fall color. What actually happened was waking up to see the sun already having risen. Hmm… … Read More

Down Home

Longggggg week at work. I was planning to do “flex time” – i.e. work 40 hours in 4 days to have a long weekend. Not for fun per se. I had a dentist appointment today (and yes, my Dentist is here until he retires) … Read More

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing….

Long day… This morning, I managed to crunch my universal remote control. Mind you, this wasn’t a cheapy one, but one that I had bought a few years ago that could learn from other remotes and could record macros so that I didn’t have … Read More

London – Again?

Yep, I’m going to the Old City on the Thames once more. I never thought I’d say, “going to London, again.” As if there’s something old hat about it. I just really need some time off from work, and well, feeling financially stupid at … Read More

This is from the “Yes, I am insane – thanks for asking” department: Sitting at work during lunch today I was checking out airfare to various places. There was an awesome fare to Australia listed at Clark Howard’s site – with tax $1,070 – … Read More

Been a LONG week at work and I know I need to go in tomorrow to catch up on some of my neglected work. I watched my Road Trip DVD tonight (finally)! Definitely a nice way to wind down the week! Wish I’d come … Read More

Well, this is my first post. I’m just testing out blogger to see if it will do what I want it to. It’s been a long week and I brought work home with me. I’m still getting over a touch of poison ivy so … Read More