On The Horizon

I’m still working on photos from England in September and my next trip is literally on the horizon.  I’ll be in Costa Rica just a few days after Christmas, and in Nicaragua when the New Year rolls around.  I’ll accumulate more photos, so I … Read More

Roger Clyne – Turbo Ocho

First, I have to explain, because many may have no idea that my favorite band is a little band from Tempe, Arizona.  Roger Clyne led a band in the mid 90’s under the name, The Refreshments.  They had one big hit that most people … Read More

No News is….

Not sure where the “no news is good news” thing comes from.  I guess it has it’s good points, but as the continuing knee saga unfolds… I’m not sure I agree… After weeks of physical therapy, I went back to the orthopedist last week.  … Read More

Siesta Time

Well, here I am safely in Merida in the Yucatan state of Mexico.  Funny considering a month and a half ago I could not have found it on a map.  At this point, I´ve thoroughly read the Merida part of my Lonely Planet Yucatan … Read More

Somewhat on the Awake Side

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers rolled through town Tuesday night. As always, the concert was incredible. I saw friends from past shows, met more fans, and

Achy Old Joints

So, I saw the doctor today about the pain in my left knee. Nothing readily wrong with it. So, he prescribed an anti-inflammatory and sent me for x-rays.  I go back a week from Thursday to review the x-rays and see how things are.  … Read More

Another Day in Virginia

Wow, it’s quiet tonight; I mean needle-hit-the-floor-and-echoes quiet. I didn’t realize the level of noise here until tonight. You see, the same day I arrived here, a bus load of high school students descended as well. Every room around me was filled with them. … Read More

A Hero for All Ages

So the reading list has been sparse lately as I’ve been waiting for the first shipment of comics via mail since the last pick-up from Chris. In the interim, however, I’ve had time to work on some of the trades, etc. that have been … Read More

DragonCon 2005 – it’s a wrap

This year was very low-key but a welcome change to last year where someone attempted to break into my Blazer and Brian & Kelly were attacked INSIDE of the Hyatt. I was so down on the whole thing that I almost made other plans … Read More

Operation Purge Continues

Up late last night – wheeee! As if it wasn’t enough I went to the Big Creek walking trail and put in nearly five miles, I came home and contined on operation purge. I just feel the need to winnow through my belongings. This … Read More

Life’s Firsts & Miscellany

Ah, behind on the updates to my life again. I spent the past weekend at home. It was a nice break from the fast pitch that work has become. I didn’t see a lot of my Dad (it was Father’s Day) because he had … Read More

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