Random Inspiration

It’s very interesting where we find inspiration sometimes. For a few years now, I’ve been a casual reader of Wil Wheaton’s blog.  Yes, Wil Wheaton AKA Wesley Crusher of Star Trek.  For one reason or another, I relate to some of the things he … Read More

Red Shirt Memories

I’m not sure what brought this old parody song to my mind today, but I’m glad I live in a world where I can find anything on the internet. I remember listening to this in high school on the Doctor Demento radio show.

How Can a Wednesday Feel Like a Monday?

I think I fall into the trap of not blogging everytime I come back from a trip. Everyday observations may not be as fun, but every so often, just writing down your thoughts can be cathartic and a little gem of words might crop … Read More

James Doohan – RIP

I have never been a celebrity stalker, but there are still ones I hold in awe. James Doohan was one. Some of my earliest memories of TV are watching re-runs of the original Star Trek. A few years ago, “Scotty” (as I will always … Read More