Camper Re-Use

Sorry for the absence in internet land. When the weather finally looked up again here, I spent my time hunting for a phantom energy drain in the camper van. Considering my relative lack of knowledge about all things automotive, I’m proud to have finally … Read More

Is Minimalism For Me?

Minimalism seems to be at the heart of a lot of unconventional ways of living. Take the people who live in Tiny Houses or RVs as an example. When your home is designed to move down the highways you have a very finite space … Read More

Tiny Houses

I very nearly fell down the same rabbit hole that so much of America has. When I applied for a mortgage for my first home, the bank approved me for much more than I wanted. In my favor at least, I didn’t see the … Read More

New Years 2010 Deciphered

Since I’ve been in my own little world lately, I figured I should get in at least one blog update before rushing off for my 6th New Years abroad.  In this order, the past five were Edinburgh’s Hogmanay street party, Rome’s Piazza della Repubblica, … Read More