Mark’s Rattlesnake Roundup

Today’s title brought to us by the letter R is just my nutso way of saying that there will be a cacophony of topics ahead. A little of everything and little of value to world peace. Does the World Need Superman? Friday night, I … Read More

Another Day in Virginia

Wow, it’s quiet tonight; I mean needle-hit-the-floor-and-echoes quiet. I didn’t realize the level of noise here until tonight. You see, the same day I arrived here, a bus load of high school students descended as well. Every room around me was filled with them. … Read More

Down Home

Longggggg week at work. I was planning to do “flex time” – i.e. work 40 hours in 4 days to have a long weekend. Not for fun per se. I had a dentist appointment today (and yes, my Dentist is here until he retires) … Read More